A freelance photographer based out of The Hague, who loves to click, cook & travel.

The Basics:

Patrick Groot is a professional freelance photographer based in The Hague – Holland. He currently lives in The Hague, Zuid-Holland. He is available for your assignment work in commercial advertising, corporate events and portraits, as well as for personal and sporting projects. Patrick works with top of the line professional Nikon cameras, lenses, and portable lighting equipment to insure he delivers the highest quality images to his customers. He is able to travel to your location and shoot your project at a place that best represents your company/personal image, with results of a big studio production. Patrick does his homework before every shoot, shows up on time, goes hard all day on the assignment, and delivers the product to you in a timely manner. He has many years of experience shooting everything from family lifestyle portraits, fashion apparel, and architectural design, to sports and other major events. If you want a fresh, innovative approach to your image or if you are looking to contract a professional photographer to cover an event, then Patrick Groot is a person you must consider.

About Patrick Groot:

Patrick, as he likes to be called, is first a traveler and artist who happens to be a photographer. He says he is blessed with his mother’s talent and love for photography, and has embraced it with his own style and passion. He is quoted saying “I make it my goal to be as creative as I can with every project, big or small, I take on”. Over the past few years, Patrick has mastered the art of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, a format that has taken off not only in Fine Art category, but also in the Commercial and Marketing world as the next big advertising must have image. It’s part of the arsenal of talent in his bag. He also says he is in love with light and how it can create just about anything he, or his client, wants. Being able to work light, push and pull a camera with a creative setup, and then have the ability to add HDR to the mix sets Patrick apart from many photographers out there today. He never stops learning new ideas, from the pros or the aspiring, talented pool of young artists sharing information to all that want to improve their skills, because he wants to offer the highest level of professional photography to his customers.

When Patrick is not on an assignment, you can find him with his friends, Traveling to distant places or roaming the streets of The Hague, Zuid-Holland, early Saturday morning, with camera in tow, looking for a great image. He also likes to teach and inform people who are just entering the world of photography as to what type of camera to purchase, how to compose an image and how to shoot outside auto mode. He feels as though many amateur photographers never really get to experience what their shiny new camera really can do when they venture into the Aperture, Shutter and Manuel modes. Every evening, Patrick can be found in front of his computer retouching client images or creating another piece of art from a shot he took that day.

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